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The Neverhood UE4 is a remarkably authentic feeling fan made remake of the 1996 cult classic stop motion point and click adventure – The Neverhood.

For some reason, the original The Neverhood didn’t really do well upon release, selling ony 42,000 copies. Those that did enjoy the delights of the quirky humor, clever puzzles, awesome soundtrack and superb stop motion animation still hold it in high regard to this day though – in fact visually it’s aged very well, unlike most PSX-era games.

Equipped with a flashlight, investigate an abandoned funeral home that's said to be haunted. Find out what really happened to the people who once worked there, and hope that this dark, eerie building doesn't become your final resting place.

Just because it looks good for a twenty year old game doesn’t mean it can’t look a bit better though – which is where lone developer Ravenok comes in. Ravenok has taken it on himself to remake The Neverhood in Unreal Engine 4 and the results are pretty impressive. The current build is very short and can be completed in under five minutes, but it’s very slick and it’s a joy to be back in that plasticine world again.

It’s taken Ravenok 250 hours of development time to remake the short amount of gameplay in the current build and the results feel very professional. All of the charm of the stop motion animation has been retained, it’s just everything looks a little shinier and it accommodates modern aspect ratios so you can appreciate those beautiful hand crafted plasticine visuals even better.

The Neverhood Download Full Game

Ravenok is currently undecided if he’s going to continue working on The Neverhood UE4 (or even if he’s legally allowed to), but as it stands, even in it’s current abbreviated form, it’s a delight to be back in the Neverhood again. Fingers crossed a full remake sees the light of day someday!

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Download The Neverhood UE4 Prototype Here (Windows)

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Download the old game, The Neverhood safely and for free through this page. It's a game, which you've never seen anything like before.

Neverhood is made out of clay and now you're following him in his quest, where he tries to find out, how his World was made and defeat the evil guy in it.
It's almost too difficult to explain this game in text, so please watch the video to your right and try it out for yourself.

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