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Download Segoe UI font family for free. Download font Segoe UI from this family. Download Segoe UI font family for free. Download font Segoe UI from this family. Download the Segoe UI Semibold free font. Detailed information on the Segoe UI Semibold font: license; glyphs; specimens; for OS: Windows, Mac, Linux; for programs.


Segoe Ui Semilight Font Free Download Mac


File nameSegoeuil.ttf
Styles & WeightsSegoe UI Light
Segoe UI Light Italic
Segoe UI Semilight
Segoe UI Semilight Italic
Segoe UI
Segoe UI Italic
Segoe UI Semibold
Segoe UI Semibold Italic
Segoe UI Bold
Segoe UI Bold Italic
Segoe UI Black
Segoe UI Black Italic
Copyright© 2018 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
Hebrew OpenType Layout logic copyright © 2003 & 2007, Ralph Hancock & John Hudson. This layout logic for Biblical Hebrew is open source software under the MIT License; see embedded license description for details.
Font vendorAgfa Monotype Corporation
Script Tagsdlng:'Latn', 'Grek', 'Cyrl', 'Armn', 'Geor', 'Geok', 'Arab', 'Hebr', 'Lisu'
slng:'Latn', 'Grek', 'Cyrl', 'Armn', 'Geor', 'Geok', 'Arab', 'Hebr', 'Lisu'
Code pages1252 Latin 1
1250 Latin 2: Eastern Europe
1251 Cyrillic
1253 Greek
1254 Turkish
1255 Hebrew
1256 Arabic
1257 Windows Baltic
1258 Vietnamese
Mac Roman Macintosh Character Set (US Roman)
Fixed pitchFalse

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Segoe Ui Download Mac 10.13

Products that supply this font

Product nameFont version
Windows 10See the Windows 10 page.
Windows 8.1See the Windows 8.1 page.
Windows 8See the Windows 8 page.
Windows 7See the Windows 7 page.
Windows Vista5.00
Windows Server 20085.00

This typeface is also available within Office applications. For more information visit this page.

Style & weight examples

Segoe Ui Download Mac

Segoe UI font is an awesome font designed by means of Steve Matteson at Agfa Monotype. Segoe is a typeface that is quality recognized for its use by way of Microsoft. The company uses Segoe in its online and published marketing materials, along with recent emblems for the number of merchandise.

Additionally, the Segoe UI font sub-family is used by numerous Microsoft applications and can be mounted through packages. It was adopted as Microsoft’s default working device font beginning with Windows Vista and is also used on outlook.Com, Microsoft’s net-based electronic mail provider.

Segoe Ui Ttf Download

Segoe UI Font Family


In August 2012, Microsoft unveiled its new company emblem typeset in Segoe, replacing the emblem it had used for the previous 25 years. The Segoe call is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation, despite the fact that the typeface becomes firstly advanced by using Monotype.

This typeface font has 2828 glyphs unit in numbers. This font has eleven styles. Extraordinary component approximately this font is the default font of Microsoft home windows 10 nowadays.

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