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The official Queen's Blade aka Scarlet Blade mobile game just went live in South Korea last night. The download link for both Google Play and Itunes version is available right below. Are you ready to take your Scarlet Blade experience to the next level? Playing at work, in your bed, or on the go!? Then go on ahead and check out some of the screenshots below and see if this game is worth your time. The mobile version is currently capped at level 20 with a bunch of areas, dungeons, transformation system, and three characters. If people show enough interest in this title, I might download and create some videos of it.

Developer: LivePlex
Publisher: LivePlex AeriaGames
Game Site:
Itunes: iOS Download Link
Google Play: Android Download Link

Scarlet blade vendetta downloadScarlet Blade Download Mac

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Scarlet Blade developers thought to set the MMO world afire with their 'mature themed' game. We have carefully played Scarlet Blade to offer a fair review. See what we discovered before leaving. Scarlet Blade 116. Explore an exotic fantasy world at war in this new MMORPG. May 9th 2019, 18:25 GMT. 15,404 downloads. The sequel to Mount and Blade brings. Private Server Scarlet Blade Online Appliance Age Look Up Flexify 2 Registration Code Newcrest University (nocc Download Sharp Mx 5141n Driver Happy Room Download Manual Risa Tower Course Hero Login Ichm Viewer For Mac Beat Down Ps2 Download Zend Guard 7 Full Chimera Mobile Phone Utility V. The reason that Scarlet Blade is classed as a “mature” MMORPG is the fact that the female characters all have massive boobs and most of them are running around in some kind of thong! To be fair the character models do look pretty good, but in 2019 this kind of thing is not as tolerated so I can see why some may be turned off by it.