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Download Party Poker Mac – In late 2006, Party Poker tested a native.dmg download software, but after a testing period on and, the software was deemed too expensive to maintain and the idea was thrown out. At the time this was written (October 2010), there is no functional Party Poker download for Mac. Free poker - free online poker games. 247 Free Poker has free online poker, jacks or better, tens or better, deuces wild, joker poker and many other poker games that you can play online for free or download. The best poker software for Windows, Mac and Linux. Install Winamax. Play no-download poker. Download our free online poker software, open an account, make your first deposit, get your poker bonus and then enjoy the action. Play poker and casino – all with one account As well as one of the best tournament schedules and cash game selections around, signing up for partypoker also gives you access to an amazing casino with partypoker.

This is an archived page. The information is probably out of date, but I've left it here in case you find it useful for something.

Quick Start: Play at Party Poker on your Mac using the Mac-friendly instant play version now.

How do you go about playing Party Poker on a Mac computer? In fact, does Party Poker have a Mac version available?

The awesome answer is yes. Better yet, I'm a Mac owner myself (Macbook Pro, a few years old but it still does the trick), so I have plenty of experience with running PartyPoker on a Mac. Here's my quick guide:

1) The easiest way - the instant play version.

  • Play in your browser using the Party Poker instant play version

PartyPoker has a handy Java version of their poker room that runs within your browser. This is by far the easiest way to play at Party on your Mac. You just click 'play' and the poker room opens in a new window.

The good news is that this is one of the better browser-based poker sites out there. The no-download version is quick to load and has all the essential features that a good poker site should have. I've not had any problems running PartyPoker 'instant play' in Safari, Firefox or Chrome on my Macbook.

This Mac compatible method is perfect if you play poker casually or just want to test the room out.

Note: You may need to give permission to your browser to run the Java plugin when playing this instant play version for the first time. This is perfectly normal. Just click 'run this time' or something like that and you're good to go. I've included a screenshot below to show you what I mean.

2) The advanced way - running PartyPoker through Parallels or BootCamp.

  • Download the standard client from the Party Poker website

Unfortunately, PartyPoker doesn't offer a native Mac client like some rooms do – so there's no 'Party Poker App'. The only downloadable client on offer comes in a .exe file, which Macs cannot run.

However, if you're able to run Windows on your Mac you can easily install this .exe file and play on the downloadable Party client through that. There are two main ways to run Windows on a Mac:

  1. Parallels - Paid - Run Windows programs at the same time as Mac OS X.
  2. Boot Camp - Free (comes with you Mac) - Runs Windows instead of Mac OSX when you boot your Mac up.

i) Parallels.

The easiest method is to use Parallels. This is what's technically know as a 'PC emulator'. There are other emulators on the market like VMware Fusion, but Parallels is by far the easiest and most user-friendly option in my opinion.

This emulator method saves you from having to reboot your Mac every time you want to play at Party Poker. The obvious trade-off for this convenience is the fact Parallels has a price tag. I use Parallels myself for using lots of different Windows-only programs (running PokerStove for example), so it's definitely worth looking in to.

ii) Boot camp.

The other option is to use Boot Camp, which is a tool that comes built in with OS X. The downside is that you can't run Windows and Mac side by side, so that's obviously a bit of a hassle. In all honesty I'd rather just use the instant play version than reboot my computer every time I want to play at Party, but the option is there if you want it.

Why run the downloadable Party client on a Mac?

Good question. If there's a nice and easy instant play version on offer, why bother with the small extra hassle of running the downloadable .exe version?

Because the downloadable version has more features.

The browser-based poker room at Party isn't bad – it's just that it's not as feature-rich as the downloadable version. A few features missing from the instant play version for example are:

  • Smoother graphics
  • Resizeable windows

Basically, the downloadable version a bit more robust.

If you're a serious poker player (i.e. you play frequently and/or you like to multi-table) I'd highly recommend looking in to running the main Party Poker client on your Mac. Sure, it takes a little extra time initially to get it all set-up, but once you've got it sorted it's plain sailing from there.

I've happily played some big sessions on the browser version for real money in the past, but I just prefer the main download version more.

Can I run Party on any Apple computer?

Probably. If you've bought your computer within the last 5 years I don't see why you'd have any problems, that's with both the instant-play and Windows-on-your-Mac methods. So that includes Apple computers like:

  • Macbook
  • Macbook Pro
  • Macbook Air
  • iMac
  • Mac Mini
  • Mac Pro

It won't work on the smaller apple devices like iPads, iPhones or iPod Touches though. I'm not sure that would be much fun anyway.

The only possible difficulty I could imagine 0.1% of people having is running Parallels on older Mac OS X editions. If I'm not wrong you need to be running Mac OS X v10.4 'Tiger' 10.4.11 or later to use Parallels. That came out in 2005 though, so if your apple laptop or desktop is newer than that then it's all good.

Note: If you don't know which version of Mac OS X you're running, it's probably going to be Leopard (10.5), Snow Leopard (10.6) or Lion (10.7). They're all fine for running Party Poker.

Which browsers can you run PartyPoker in?

All of them. I've tried the instant play version in all the major Mac browsers and it worked equally as well in each of them. The browsers I tested were:

  • Safari (of course)
  • Firefox
  • Chrome (my browser of choice)
  • Opera

Occasionally some no download poker sites will work fine in some browsers but not very well in others. However, I'm pleased to report that Party worked impressively across the board. So there's no need to worry about switching browsers for optimal performance.


I'm guessing that you'll have no problems with the less popular browsers like SeaMonkey or Flock either. The only browsers that this no download version won't work with is most mobile ones, so that's your iPhone and iPad out of the equation I'm afraid.

Party poker download & install

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Party Poker Download Nj

Downloading Party Poker on Mac / Windows OS / Android / iOS

PartyPoker was founded in 2001. It is a founder member of the European Gaming and Betting Association, and for many years was the leading destination for online poker players. This changed with the UIGEA legislation of 2006, which saw it drop its US players. Today it is still one of the third most popular Internet-based poker sites and it has had over 30 million downloads since its inception. It brings lots of games and limits, including Texas Hold'em, Omaha 8 or Better, Omaha High, Stud 8 or High, and Seven Card Stud. There is a relatively easy level of competition, which makes Party Poker a superb choice for new poker players. In any case, there is an excellent Poker School from which you can acquire great skills.

PartyPoker Software

PartyPoker runs on proprietary software that is solid, simple, and clean, and boasts some of the fastest speeds online. Players get a reliable and fully functional software with excellent statistics and graphics. It sports traditional options and features like hand histories, player notes, and preferred seating, and also additional advanced options like multi-tabling, fully customizable and resizable tables, as well as deal making on the final tournament tables. You can play as many as 4 tables at the same time, and the 'Auto-Resize' option will enable you to resize all open tables to fit your screen.

PartyPoker's software client has universal compatibility with all operating systems. It is available in the download version for Windows and the instant play version for Mac and Linux.

PartyPoker Download for Windows

The PartyPoker Windows download works on Windows XP and all other versions of Windows operating system above it. Basically, the minimum download system requirements are 100MHz Pentium Processor, 512Mb RAM, 18Mb disc space, and 800x600 screen resolution for Windows XP version. Those recommended are for Windows 7, and they include 200MHz Pentium Processor, 1024Mb RAM, 18Mb disc space, and a screen resolution of 1024x768.

How do I download PartyPoker Software for Windows?

The PartyPoker Windows download is a straightforward procedure that takes place in minutes. Go to the poker site's website and click on the 'Play Now' tab. As a precaution against file corruption during the download process, save instead of running the download file. When the download is complete, a set up window will appear and you should select your preferred language before clicking on 'continue' to start the installation process. In about one minute, the log-in and lobby screens will appear and you can either log in or 'Create an Account' if you are new to PartyPoker. The final step before you play the money games is funding your account.

Rather than use a dial-up connection when playing, you should use a dedicated ADSL connection for the sake of connectivity stability and security.

PartyPoker Download for Mac

In 2011, PartyPoker finally released a poker download for Mac. Before then, Mac users had to either use the Windows emulator alongside the Windows download or the instant play version of PartyPoker Anywhere.

The PartyPoker for Mac client works on all Macintosh operating system versions from 10.5. You should have an Intel processor-based Mac, MacBook, or iMac running a news OS like Leopard, Snow Leopard, or OSX Lion. The client offers only cash games and is not as comprehensive as its counterpart, the Windows download. At the moment, Multi Table or Sit and Go tournaments are still lacking. However, you'll find Texas Hold'em and Omaha ring games, as well as features like a brand new Mac specific UI and functionality, rich avatars and animations, and multi-tabling up to 24 tables.

Instant Play/ No Download

Party Poker Mac Download Free Windows 10

You can play the no download option on any computer by clicking on 'Play on your Browser' on the PartyPoker home page. The software has compatibility with Chrome v3.5 and above, Internet Explorer v7 and above, Safari v4 and above, Firefox v3.5 and above, and Opera v9 and above. You must also have Oracle Java SE 5.0 or above. The features you won't find here include table resizing/ cascading, dealer options on the tables, facility for setting up private tables, and table filters.

PartyPoker Mobile Gaming

PartyPoker recently joined the mobile gaming arena by developing a platform that supports Android tablets and devices. The poker room launched a free Android app that has Texas Hold'em cash game, multi-language options, quick seat lobby, real money and play money tables, and fastforward game play. This PartyPoker mobile app is still in the beta stage. There is also an iOS app on the way.