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You can run MongoDB as a macOS service using brew, or you can run MongoDB manually as a background process. It is recommended to run MongoDB as a macOS service, as doing so sets the correct system ulimit values automatically (see ulimit settings for more information). To run MongoDB (i.e. The mongod process) as a macOS service, issue the following. MongoDB Database Query Tool Features. The RazorSQL MongoDB database query tool includes a MongoDB database browser, a MongoDB query builder, a MongoDB query editor, custom MongoDB GUI tools, and MongoDB database administration tools.Listed below are more details on these features. MongoDB GUI Tools. Work with MongoDB Data in MS Excel on Mac OS X Create a Data Source Name in iODBC with the CData ODBC Driver for MongoDB and work with MongoDB data in Microsoft Excel on Mac OS X. Microsoft Excel features calculations, graphing tools, pivot tables, and a macro programming language that allows users to work with data in many of the ways that. MongoDB Installation on Mac OSX Platform MongoDB provides a 64-bit installation package on the OSX platform. You can download the installation package on the official website.

In this post we will see How to install MongoDB on Mac OS X. MongoDB is one of the most used, open-source document database, and NoSQL database. MongoDB is developed by 10gen.

STEP 1 – Downloading MongoDB .tgz file

Mongodb Download Mac Os X

Visit MongoDB official website and download the .tgz file from the community section of the website.
Now extract the downloded .tgz and mv the mongo directory to /usr/local/mongodb directory using following command in terminal.

# if .bash_profile is not present follow the step

Now .bash_profile file will open in a text editor. In this file add the following exports

MongoDB starting:pid=38042port=27017dbpath=/data/db/64-bit host=codebind.local3
waiting forconnections on port27017

Now in

terminal 2

run the following command