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  • So it is listening on the default Minecraft port, and not a hard-to-remember port. Defaultserver and forcedefaultserver means what server people will connect to when they connect with BungeeCord. If the default server is lobby and forcedefaultserver is set to true, then every time someone joins, they will connect to the lobby server first.
  • This is a startup script that will run the server off of 2 Gigabytes of RAM, which makes it have little lag. I hope that you like this and that it is. Home Minecraft Mods Bukkit server startup script Mac! 2 GB of RAM Minecraft Mod.


Hi guys, this is a Minecraft server mod, for macs. Open up Mac OS X Bukkit Server Setup. Follow the steps on the program.

WorldEdit runs on the Java edition of Minecraft, either on your single player/local game or a dedicated server.

WorldEdit can’t be used on Realms, Windows 10, Bedrock, or Pocket Edition versions. These versions of Minecraft have limited or no mod support. :(

Minecraft Bukkit Server Download MacMinecraft

Before you install WorldEdit, you will first have to install a “mod loader” like Forge, Fabric, Spigot, Bukkit, or Sponge. We’ll advise you to choosing your mod loader below.

Choosing a Mod Loader¶

If you want to use WorldEdit on your single-player/local game, we recommend one of two choices:

  • Minecraft Forge (the original choice)
  • Or alternatively, Fabric
Minecraft Bukkit Server Download Mac

Minecraft Bukkit Server Download Mac Download

On the other hand, if you are running a Minecraft server, you can use

  • Paper (recommended over Spigot because it has improvements WorldEdit can use)
  • Forge (recommended if you are using other Forge mods)
  • Sponge (also compatible with Forge mods)


Note: Paper and Spigot use its own set of mods (commonly called “plugins”) that are mostly incompatible with mods for Forge, Fabric, and Sponge. You may want to research what other mods/plugins that you may want (generally, Paper and Spigot have much more server administration/”server-ready gameplay mods” - which run completely on the server - and Forge, Fabric, and Sponge have more major gameplay mods - which generally require client installation). Regardless, WorldEdit is extremely unique in that it works as a mod for both 😊, so you can just pick the one that seems the easiest and roll with it. 🤙