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Officially, no - not since Logic became a download from the App Store as a single application at a very affordable price.


You can still get Logic Studio (on DVD disks), which includes Waveburner, Mainstage and Soundtrack Pro as well as other stuff, like the Apple Loops Utility - I think there's an Impulse Response Utility that I never got into - if you have a look at the usual online resources.

Free impulse response files

The latest version of Impulse Response Utility is 1.0 on Mac Informer. It is a perfect match for Music Production in the Audio & Video category. The app is developed by Apple Inc. The Impulse Response Utility is accessed from within the Space Designer Reverb plug-in, under the IR Sample menu, located at the left-hand side of the plug-in GUI at the top of the round section. Clicking the small triangle will open a menu. One of these menu items opens the Impulse Response Utility.

Free Impulse Response Files

So, if you really need stuff like that, hunt out the disk package - the app store also has Mainstage as a separate download (not expensive), but other applications have been discontinued. You can do stuff that you do in Waveburner with plenty of other CD burning software, so its not exactly a vital necessity - sometimes you do get used to a certain way of doing what you want to achieve, yeah...familiarity/experience counts for a lot when you just want to get on and do something.


Free Guitar Impulse Response Files

Edit : yeah, what he said, up there as well 🙂