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  • Bypass icloud iOS 12.3 -13.6 use 1 click tool, full access iTunes, 3utool sync media, backup and restore 100% success. Note:. No call - tethered. See step.
  • Download IUntethred Free Tool on Macbook. Click Start Bypass; Done; Also Read: Icloud Bypass MEID Device with restart Fix (Untethered) Solution for Windows. If apps doesn’t work you need to fix: How to turn off System Integrity Protection in macOS; Click the Apple symbol in the Menu bar. Click Restart; Hold down Command-R to reboot into.
  • Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Screen software powered by Checkm8 Dev Team. ICloud Unlock Tool for iPhone & iPad running on iOS 12.3 up to iOS 14.0.1.
  • Sonick iOS 13.3+ iCloud Bypass Tool (WINDOWS) Sonick iOS 13.3+ iCloud Bypass Tool ( MAC ) Update SONICK ihactivation13 ( MAC / terminal ) iCloudBypass iOS 13.5.1. IActivation ( ios12 and iOS13 ) F3arRa1n ( setup / icloud bypass iOS13.3.x ) ShiftKey Windows tool ( setup / icloud bypass iOS13.3.x ) Downgrade tools without Blobs ( iOS13.x to.

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How To Bypass Icloud

Many iPhone users may have experienced the common struggle of dealing with iCloud activation lock. If you are one of those and looking for iCloud activation lock removal tool, but don't know which one to use, here are various free iCloud activation lock removal tools which can be used to bypass the activation lock.

SolutionsSuitable forEase of UseTime NeededSuccess Rate
iMyFone iBypasseriOS 12.3 - 13.6SimpleShortHigh
iCloudiniOS 7.0-9.0ComplexLongLow
Dolci iCloud UnlockingiOS 7 - 10ComplexLongLow
Open My iCloudiOS 7.0-9.0MediumLongMedium
Gadget WhiteUnknownComplexLongLow
  • Part 2. Scam Free iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tools
    • 1. iCloud Bypass Tool - iCloudin
    • 2. Doulci iCloud Unlocking Tool
    • 3. iCloud Bypass Tool
    • 4. Gadget Wide – iCloud Bypass Tool
  • Part 3. Real and Legit iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tool

Part 1. Does Free iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tool Really Work?

Icloud Bypass Tool Free Download Mac

As the saying goes, 'There's no such thing as a free lunch.' The technique for bypassing or removing iCloud activation lock is not that easy. There are many iCloud activation lock tools or online services claim to be free and effetive. However, most of them turned out to be scams. You'll see the investigation in Part 2.

How to Judge if the Tool is Realiable?

It's really hard to to tell which free iCloud activation lock removal tool is true and which is not. Some free tools are developed by unknown technicians and might contain virus or malware when installing to your computer. Some online services requires you to enter email and IMEI which can leak your private information. There are some basic standards that you can follow:

  • Has an official website
  • Has true download link
  • Offers detailed FAQs and user guidelines
  • Safe to use when under the protection of security software

Part 2. Scam Free iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tool

1. iCloud Bypass Tool - iCl0udin

This iCloud bypass tool performs effectively and works on all Apple Devices. It is very easy to use and completely free. Users of this tool will attest to its efficiency.

  • It is entirely free to use
  • It has a great interface which allows for easy usage
  • It has built-in tutorials which help you to master the utilization
  • It works on most iOS devices, even iOS 12
  • It has no in-app purchases or advertisements


  • It has no ratings and therefore there's no definite data on its reputation.
  • Its website does not have an admirable interface and this hampers users in searching for it.

Supported Devices

    iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S , iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad 4/3, iPad 2

2. Doulci iCloud Unlocking Tool

It is one of the most efficient tools for bypassing activation lock, very easy to use and works on all iOS device (iOS 12 supported). It is not a UI tool and thus allows you to run your own iCloud bypass server.

  • It has a 75% success rate in bypassing iCloud activation locks.
  • It is entirely free.
  • It supports all iOS Devices and iOS Versions (iOS 12 included).
  • It has plenty of tutorials to guide you in the process.
  • Extraordinary support is available on the website almost 24/7.


  • You are required to participate in a survey before you can download the application.

Supported Devices

    All iPhone models, all iPad models, all iPod touch models



The website has been relinked to another website which provides tech news rather than free iCloud activation lock removal tool. The following picture showd the iCl0udin YouTube channel and it has been over 1 year since the last upload.

3. Open My iCloud

It is one of the most commonly used iCloud Activation lock removal tools and can be used for different purposes such as bypassing iCloud activation, bypassing iCloud lock Pros and even removing an iCloud account.

  • It can perform more than one function.
  • It works with almost all iOS devices.
  • It is very efficient and easy to navigate.


  • Its download speed is slow.
  • Due to its multipurpose functions, response time is greater and it lags.
  • It has a relatively low rating of 3.5 stars.

Supported Devices

    iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S , iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad 4/3, iPad 2


When you visit the website, you can see from the homepage that it shows 'OpenMyiCloud Unlocker Tool 2019'. Obviously the website stopped updating since 2019.

Here is the screenshot of the Open My iCloud channel. The channel owner seldoms upload videos and the last one was published over 1 year ago.

4. Gadget Wide – iCloud Bypass Tool

The website has been reinked and the
This is one of the best tools for bypassing iCloud activation lock. It is user-friendly, compatible with most Apple devices and efficient.

  • It is one of the most highly skilled tools on the market.
  • It is completely free to download and use.
  • It is highly efficient and easy to use.
  • It has preconfigured setting which makes the process relatively easier.
  • It has a very fast turnaround time.


  • You have to download the software to your computer in order to use the tool.
  • It is less compatible with older devices.

Supported Devices

    iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7s Plus, iPhone 7s, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X.


From the screenshot below, it's obvious that the GadgetWide channel has stopped uploading videos for more than 5 years. So I guess there is no body upgrading the iCloud activation lock removal tool.

Part 3.Real and Legit iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tool

Released in April, iMyFone iBypasser came out as a dark horse in the field of iCloud activation lock removal. This program works efficiently in bypassing iCloud activation lock from iOS devices running iOS 12.3 and later versions. It has been winning trust of great number of iOS users with high success rate. Note that this tool is not totally free, but you can use the free trial to check if your device is supported.

Features of iBypasser:

  • Powerful iCloud activation lock removal tool that supports latest iOS 13.6.
  • Bypass activation lock withut previously used Apple ID and passwords.
  • Access iPhone settings and use a new Apple ID after bypassing activation lock screen.
  • No worries of being tracked or erased by the previous Apple ID.

How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock Screen with iBypasser

This is the video toturial to bypass icloud activation lock without password.

Download and then launch iBypasser on your computer. Here goes how iBypasser iCloud activation lock screen removal tool works:

Step 1. On the home interface, click 'Start' and connect your iOS device to your computer with a lightning cable.

Step 2. Wait for seconds when the program is downloading a package which can jailbreak your device.

Step 3. Do what the onscreen instructions require and click 'Next'when jailbreaking si done.

Step 4. Confirm your device information adn the program will start to bypass the iCloud activation lock screen.


  • Easy to use by following simple and detailed instructions.
  • Requiring no information such as IMEI or screen passcodes.
  • After iCloud activation lock removal, you can sign in with a new Apple ID.
  • Your device won't be tracked or erasedby the previous Apple ID.
  • 7/24 reliable customer support.


  • So far, iBypasser supports macOS 10.13 - 10.15 and Windows 10/8/7.
  • The function of calls, cellular and iCloud won't work after bypassing activation lock.

Supported Devices

    iPhone 5S to iPhone X running iOS 12.3 and versions above, including iOS 13.6


People are always seeking for free iCloud activation lock removal tools to save every penny. However, valuable technology comes with the price of researching and developing as well as hard work of the programmers. If you are worried about being cheated or scams, iBypasser would be a great choice since it's designed by a famous company iMyFone and provides free trial to check whether your device is supported. With iBypasser iCloud activation lock screen removal tool, bypassing activation lock on iOS devices is a piece of cake.

This is a tutorial about how to bypass iCloud lock (activation lock) if you forget the Apple ID password.

But this method only applies to a Mac device.

And please be aware that the checkra1n Jailbreak only supports

Jailbreak for iPhone 5s through iPhone X, iOS 12.3 and up.


1. Bypassing the activation lock does not mean logging out of the logged-in Apple ID. If you re-swipe the device or erase the device, you need to reactivate it.

2. After bypassing the activation lock, you cannot call or use the mobile network, but the WiFi function can be used normally.

3. iPhone 5s can't use this tool to bypass activation lock after upgrading to iOS 12.4.5. It may have different effects on different devices and different versions of the system. It is recommended that you try a few more times.

First, Jailbreak

Please download checkra1n Jailbreak on the official website: https://checkra.in/


After entering the DFU mode, the software will automatically execute the jailbreak step

Second Bypass iCloud lock

You can download this tool on 3u forum: iCloudBypass tool

Open the installed iCloudBypass tool on the Mac. After the iPhone is turned on, use the data cable to connect to the Mac. After the connection is successful, the iCloudBypass main interface will display the device information. At this time, click the 'Start Bypass' button and the tool will automatically complete the bypass operation.

Icloud Bypass Ca Tool Download Mac

Icloud Bypass Tool Mac Download Windows 10

Apple Icloud Bypass Tool

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Icloud Activation Lock Bypass Tool Free Download Mac

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