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If you're a fan of sci-fi movie franchises like Iron Man and Star Wars, then maybe you're wondering how those amazing special effects rendered in the movie were made. You might be thinking that a mere explosion effect will cost you a lot of money. Well, here's your good news. You can now create your own sci-fi movies for free! If you're either an indie filmmaker or an amateur special effects editor, then HitFilm Express is just the thing for you! It is a free all-in-one video editor developed by FX Home Company perfect for applying excellent visual and sound effects on your imported video clips. With this video editor, you can now patch two scenes together to produce real-life sound effects, apply advanced tracking techniques, create iconic title designs, and render special effects designed especially for a movie genre of your choice. Ready to unleash the creativity inside you?

  1. Version 15.2 RELEASED 26 OCTOBER, 2020 HitFilm 15 now integrates with VEGAS Pro 18. Download HitFilm Express Version 15.2 Requires Windows 8 64-bit (or above) or macOS 10.13 High Sierra (or above).
  2. The software developer has announced that it’s offering the HitFilm 2 Express. (Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, or 8 ) and Mac ( Mac OS X 10.6 or greater) only — 32-bit is not supported, unfortunately. HitFilm 2 Express and PhotoKey 6 Lite Free Download Serial Number. HitFilm 2 Express For Free: Promo Page. PhotoKey 6 Lite For.
  3. In this video tutorial, I'll be showing you how to download and install Hitfilm Express. Website Link: Subscribe http://bit.ly/2O0.
  4. HitFilm 2 Express/Content/Hitfilm Express Project/ So I've just removed the tutorial project directory from the Content directory and Hitfilm has started loading normally again. I expected it to break when I put the tutorial project back in. But it hasn't, it still working fine.

14.2 Freeware; If you are a fan of special effects and video production, Hitfilm Express is software that you should like. Free, the program includes many tools and features for video.

Personalize layout panel

A great application for those who are already familiar with other video editing software.
Hitfilm express free downloadExpress

Critics received by the freeware are all rooted in its unconventional user interface, which may turn off beginners whose only goal is to make a simple video presentation. It may be overkill for some since the program's best features are designed especially for most people involved in the film industry but this shouldn't stop you (if you're still a beginner) in trying the new and improved features of the software. Since its first release, it has already accumulated a total of more than 4 million users around the globe. This 2019, FXhome already released the program's latest version.

Check out all the key features this freeware has to offer: Customize your viewing quality by choosing from the full selection of settings, including custom playback and pause, which comes in four choices from low to high. By doing so, it will make your playback faster and eliminate unnecessarily viewing delays, even for your high-resolution videos. You can use this function with ease but always keep in mind that as you decrease the quality, the more possibility that some special effects such as picture-in-picture and animated texts will be hidden on your playbacks. Grab the opportunity to align and organize all your elements exactly where you need them and work smoothly on various on-going projects. Your personalized layout panel will make your job easier to customize and rearrange selected elements such as text and inserted image in your clip. Out-of-this-world VFX Apply your desired visual effects right in the viewer panel. Controls will appear automatically right after you select an effect allowing you to customize it directly in your viewer.


The program offers 3D particle simulator which combines 3D physics, dynamic forces, and collision reflectors. Available effects such as dirt and damage will increase your creativity setup for realistic images of artificial grain, automatic shake, and optical motion blur. The software has the ability to custom your project under different lighting effects. Create your own glare effects on the lens and automatically pin them to the brightest part of the frame. While using procedural destruction in dividing your images and videos, it will produce a thousand of 3D fragments that will allow you to add realistic blood splashes, effects of shots, and electric storms. Exporting While Working Work on your on-going projects while exporting finished ones with the latest update.

The program allows you to export your movie in the background while you continue working in the video editing module. The export module was revamped into two new panels namely, project and preview. The project bar allows you to view the editor timeline and component parts which means you can add to the queue without switching back in the edit panel. While the preview window allows you to view info about the file such as frame rate and size, entry and exit points, and duration. Other than the basic key functions, the software also offers the following cool benefits: Sky Replacement Tool Masking and Overlaying Technique 3D Models Sci-fi Visual Effects Advanced Screen Tracking and Simulation.

Where can you run this program?

The program's latest release, HitFilm Express version 12.3, is now available for free download for Windows 8 64-bit (or above) and Mac OS X 10.12 Sierra (or above). The only downside of the software's free download is its tedious download procedure. Unlike other freeware, you can't just hit a link and download the program. Instead, you have to take part in the developer's active promotion by actually sharing your decision on downloading the software with your online friends using your social media accounts. After all, it's just a reasonable price you have to pay in exchange for the program's free nature.

Is there a better alternative?

Express For Mac

There's numerous free video editing software available online. The difference in their key features mainly originated from the variety of audience they are trying to cater to. If you're into making creative video content that requires a lot of special effects, then HitFilm Express is perfect for you. While if you're still at the stage of exploring your editing skills, you may check similar freeware such as Lightworks. It is a remarkably powerful video editing tool that's available for free download created to cater to everyone's dream of making a professional quality video. It also offers premium features for free which is highly recommendable by professional editors. Lightworks Pro, its paid counterpart, is the software used on editing famous award-winning films like Pulp Fiction, 28 Days Later, and Mission Impossible.

Our take

The software may not be everyone's cup of tea because of its unconventional interface and hard-to-master features, but it is still a forerunner of its kind. Its indispensable upgraded features make the software a stand-out. Its freemium nature lets you choose (the ones you need) from more than 30 special tools including iconic texts you can add in the timeline with picture-in-picture. It may not be perfect compared to its commercial counterparts, but the program's genius features can still layout strong foundations for your creative projects.

Should you download it?

Only if you're willing to make time especially on learning and mastering the software. A lot of credible (and fun) tutorials from its developer are uploaded on their official website for you to check out. These videos will help you discover the presets available, but will also encourage you to experiment and to create your own unique style. Even if it's free to download, the program is laser-focused on a certain audience. Downloading it as your first ever video editing software is a little bit risky but also a great trade since you don't have to shell out a single penny. While, if you're willing to spend, you can check out similar programs which are more user-friendly and can be purchased for a reasonable price.


Are you guys looking to Download Hitfilm Express?? Here is the right place for you. this is a free video editing application with advanced VFX tools. You can make your video, film, or gaming videos a perfect one using this application. It is a perfect application for film students, YouTubers, Vloggers, gamers, and many more. It is a perfect app to create highly content videos without any budget. It provides you the creative possibilities to improve the content of your videos. You can use this app without paying a big budget of coins and make cool transition videos and CGI effects. This software also contains a wide range of editing tools to edit your videos.

About This Video Editing Software

Hitfilm express was developed by FXhome that combines video editing, compositing, visual effects, and animation. It also has an option for 3D editing. It is the only free software to include all in one editing and amazing visual effects. It is totally free and doesn’t ask for a penny to download. Some of the editing tools have price tags that are actually meant for professional video content makers and who need high-tech software to keep up with their grand designs.


Hitfilm Express Download Mac


The main feature is that it is very easy to use and there are many editing tools. It also gives you a 3D effect to your videos. Here are some main features of Hitfilm express.

1.ADVANCED TRAIL: One of the main reasons that Hitfilm can be appreciated is that because of its advanced trail. It allows the users to track the movement of the objects in the video. It also allows you to change the position of the objects.

Hitfilm 4 Free Download

2.ANIMATION TOOLS: Hitfilm Express has a wide range of editing and animated tools to make your videos look attractive. This allows you to make a transition in your videos without the creation of composite shots.

Hit Films 4 Express 2018

3. ADDING MUSIC: Hitfilm allows you to create and edit the audios in the video. Hitfilm provides thousands of music of all types. It has 90’s music, pop songs, romantic, and many more.

4. 3D CAMERA PROJECTION: This application also proved the option to add 3D effects to the video. You can convert a normal 2D video into a realistic 3D video with a complete scene.

5. EASY TO USE: If you want to use video editing software, you just have to go to the play store and just install it. After installing, you have to just login using the e-mail id or Gmail.

I would like to conclude that the Hitfilm express is far better than the other editing applications. It is also a free editing app that will make your videos look amazing. It also has many filters and animated tools. So, I recommend you all to use this amazing application.

Download Hitfilm Express: Steps

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Window Installer version 15.1.10413 ( 399MB ) and Mac Installer version 15.1.1097 ( 484MB )

Hitfilm Express Download Mac

Run the HitFilm Express installer file by double-clicking on the file icon (this requires administrator privileges on your computer). Follow the instructions to complete the installation and launch the program.

Hitfilm Express Download For Mac

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