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  1. Factset Mac Download Version
  2. Factset Mac Download Version

To determine if your installed EViews is out-of-date, you can compare the 'build date' of your version of EViews with those posted below. Your version's build date is displayed when you select About EViews... from the EViews Help Menu.

  1. FactSet’s flexible, open data and software solutions for the financial industry bring the front, middle, and back office together.
  2. Market data provided by Factset. On a Mac: Click the Downloads folder in the dock, select the files you want to delete. Drag them to the trash can in the lower right corner of the dock.

The EViews 11 update executable may be used to update your currently installed EViews 11 to the most recent shipping version. The update installer will not run unless you already have EViews 11 installed on your machine.

In most cases, the easiest way to update your EViews 11 License is to simply click on Help->EViews Update.

Current Update

Patch Date : 2020-10-28

  • Fixed issue with stacked graphs where if the middle series contained NAs, the graph would appear incorrect.
  • For BEA Edx database check the validity of the API key on the Preferences dialog.
  • Fix incorrect variance decomposition calculation in Bayesian VARs.

>>Download patch for 64-bit version ( 144M ).
MD5 Checksum: 8c8267791b0fae0334bb6b0a23187b1b

>>Download patch for 32-bit version ( 139M ).
MD5 Checksum: 8488e216758f89c10037c2f0f8e187e8

Prior Updates

October, 2020

Fixed X-13 to allow forecasting with user-defined variables. Fixed labeling issue for random effects testing. Fixed default labeling issue for axes in factor loading graphs. Updated @dateval to support YYYY:WW format. Fixed parsing of VAR impulse horizon specification to allow for 1 period responses (impulse only). Fixed issues with IMF SDMX EDX database.

September, 2020

Fix for mixed-frequency BVAR adjusted R-squared. Fix for xlsx files that have sheet names containing an apostrophe. Fix for property button crash in single observation series spreadsheet. Improved pinned flyovers appearance. Fix for incorrect [email protected] error on linked graph. Fix for crash when displaying flyovers in graphs that use custom axis labels. Fix for incorrect flyover labels in scatter plots. Fix reporting of simulated forecast standard error for dynamic equations specified by expression. Fix for a bug in mixed frequency VAR forecasts. Fix for crash when attempting to show flyover of frozen fan chart. Fixed text position in status bar for high resolution monitors. Fix double entry of options in equations involving random number generation. Fix for HEGY test causing crash do to an un-sized label vector in the output table. Improved efficiency of @inlist on alpha series. Improve @coeflabels reporting for some equations. Improved automatic starting values for certain data configurations in ordered discrete choice models. Fix for copying database objects surrounded by quotes not working. Fixed bug in SVAR command capture.

August, 2020

Fix for WorldBank Edx issues caused by API update.

July, 2020

Fix for incorrectly disabled nonlinear options in equation LS estimation. Fixed issue with graph sizer not working. Fix for erroneous error message when stacking a single observation workfile. Fix for OPTSET bug that may change the number of threads to exceed the allowed maximum. Fix to allow summary statistic functions in some autoseries. Fix for possible font crash when starting Mac versions. Minor improvements to Switching VAR dialog. Made the graph sample sizer aware of 'if' conditions in panels. Fix for Markov switching VAR dialog not responding to user settings. Fix for incorrect graphs when using Home/End button in zoom mode. Fixed issued for graph rendering when in zoom mode. Fix for enet not reading # folds w/ user-supplied lambdas. Fix for ignored categorical graph factor options. Fix for incorrect observation labelling in undated graphs. Added system 'beep' option to @uiprompt function. Fixed a bug causing some commands to fail after a subroutine local sample is used. Fix for incorrect title/text behavior in some graphs when changing text. Fixed issues with include statements using relative paths in a program.

June, 2020

Fix for ignored quotes in fetch string when a database is specified. Fix for ignored conversion methods when fetching from some databases. Fixed EDX database registry entry bug. Added moving median function @mmedian. Added @lambdamin data member for equations estimated using enet. Fix for possible extraneous member in group members view. Fix to ‘open’ command to load programs when an extension is not specified. Fix for crash when viewing the Gradient Table of an empty equation. Fix for incorrect syntax highlighting with program containing vertical tabs. Added support alpha, scalar, matrix, vecAlpha, and vector when saving rdata. Fixed issue upper casing issue when saving via the file dialog Added to NOAA Edx database security protocol setting. Fixed issue for incorrect error when fetching some series from with NOAA database. Fix for parsing problems for @during in intraday workfiles and related problems in switching estimation. Fix for 'close' command not working if a comment is included immediately after. Updated wfsave to honor nonames argument when combined with attr (include attributes) option. Added basic R Date support. Changed default case of rdata file extension to be .RData. Updated error message text. Updated registration client to use HTTPS.

May, 2020

Fix for a minor calculation bug in mixed VAR summary statistics. Fix for geomap instability on some machines. Added basic R Date support. Fix for possible crash with R client. Fix for incorrect BEA Edx database error message. Fix for @rowranks crash. Fix for forecast averaging wgt parsing bug. Fix for WFOPEN crash on large workfiles. Updated SV Lite error messages and references to Student Version. Fixed for possible incorrect position with graph addarrow axispt() proc. Fix for custom color map command capture. Fix for crash when adding arrows and ellipses in multi graphs. Fix for crash when freezing historical decomposition graph from command line. Fixed bugs in model equation dialogs that could cause equations to lose their identity attribute.

April, 2020

Fix for a bug when performing undated match merge in copy operation.

March, 2020

Fix for a bug that caused Panel ARDL equations specified by dialog to fail if lowercase specification is used. Added 'movetitle' and 'setlabel' procs to geomap. Added 'position' option to the legend proc in geomaps. Fix for custom colormap command capture. Added 'None' label type to geomaps. Fixed incorrect text postions in geomaps. Fixed geomap.autocrop crash if the window was not open. Changed geomap default title behavior. Fixed issue with interpreting of date format strings containing weekday name specifiers. Fix for incorrect shapefile fill colors when shapes are linked to numeric series. Fixed possible painting issues when painting to an internal bitmap. Fixed a bug that inadvertently allowed the historical decomp view on mixed frequency VARs. Changed university edition license registration behavior. Fix for possible X13 crash. Fixed error when local workfiles access cloud databases. Made copy consistent with import when destination page has same freq. Fix for missing cloud files which had upper cased extensions. Fixed quote bug in Oracle ODBC statements. Fix for incomplete CEIC error messages. Fix for ignored cells when reading xlsx files. Fixed issue with misaligned dates when using x13. Updated copy operation to allow expansion of panel data to be either repeat sum or repeat average. Fixed bug in fetching undated series from edx databases. MoveReg fixes. Fix for multigraph size issue with graphs containing rotated text objects. Updated messages from SDMX databases. Fixed EdxBEA database issue where error is reported with unsorted series data. Fix for possible excel crash when reading a malformed xlsx file.

February, 2020

Factset Mac Download Version

Removed license warning dialog for univ edition. Fixed bug when getting an R object named C or RESID caused a crash. Updated XPACKAGE to be more likely to succeed with lib paths and repos urls. Fix for output series save for filtered states in statespace estimation. Change to reported sample in VAR exclusion tests. Improved dimension calculations for rotated graph text objects. Improved determinism of BVAR forecasts under threading. Fix for missing forecast in the movereg seasonally adjusted forecast series. Fix for extraneous 'Unable to load a printer driver' error. Fix for incorrect placement of graph text objects. Changed graph text object selection behavior. Fix movereg seasonal adjustment to accept the sa= option. Change residual correlogram to display adjusted sample. Changed BVAR historical decomposition to use empirical residual covariance matrix. Improved dialog handling for ARDL. Improved function naming for the previous ARDL UI fix. Fix for model crash triggered by a particular sequence of view and proc choices. Updated unzip methods to not depend on current directory. Fixed bug with some database fetches series which contained observations on 12/31/1899.

January, 2020

Fixed Excel Add In 'EViews improperly installed' error for Office 64-bit users. Disabled the creation of oleobjects for Mac versions. Fix for a crash caused by running 'do 'blah'.label(c)'. Fix for reading and writing groups containing more than 32767 series. Updated 'EViews improperly installed' message to include machine id. Fixed performance issue when closing a large workfile that used in a program with a lot of variables. Fix for reading xlsx files which do not specify the data range (non-Excel created files) for Mac builds.

December, 2019

Fix for out of memory issue introduced in previous R created XLSX fix. Added support for old color format string in graphs. Fix to immediately empty the clipboard when copying from tables. Fixed incorrect command capture when setting number formats. Fixed database object preview crash with objects containing too many attributes. Fixed missing coefficients in the forecast representation form of equations containing PDL and ARMA terms. Fix for crash when switching views in the duplicate view. Updated @tablenames to support URL filenames. Changed frequency display issues in database windows. Improved database frequency detection. Fix for model selection view in smooth threshold regression. Fix for missing bmp in popup for formulas. Fix for command capture for panel median plus std dev and panel mean plus quantiles graphs. Fix to read R created xlsx files.

November, 2019

Fixed issue with equations objects containing coefficients with spaces when added to models. Added new WINMAXIMIZE, WINMINIMIZE, WINRESTORE, and WINNORMAL commands. Added new options to SHOW command. Fix for graph issue in intraday workfiles that has a sample smaller than a day. Fix for kalman filter contemporaneous updates for output of saved series. Fixed bug in latex file save color checkbox. Fix for tables written to PDF ignoring custom NA strings. Fixed enet bugs in null deviance calc and rng. Fix to a bug that allowed ARDL specifications with non-positive lags. Fix for EdxBEA issue where parameters failed to be displayed after user selected a dataset.

October, 2019

Updated REGCOMPONENTS to register OLEDB and EDX components. Updated SUPPORTINFO to display component registration information. Fix for logl iteration control labeling. Minor tweak to model solver to solve particular EV10 models. Fixed crash triggered by having multiple syntax errors in an EViews program and setmaxerrs greater than one. Fixed bug in the model object's Scenario View when a scenario also contained exclusions. Fixed issue where a previewed database series is in the workfile frequency instead of its native frequency. Fixed incorrect proc name for series forecast evaluation. Fix SDMX-ML database bug where files that contained duplicate values were failing to be read.

September, 2019

Fix for an issue with VAR estimate dialog not initializing properly. Fix for VEC dialog crash when reentering data after error. Fix for a crash when user specified over 200 sample date pairs. Fix for SDMX-ML database issue where data files from OECD and BIS were failing to load. Fixed state space I/O bug. Fixed concurrent use license bug. Fixed Matpack _scale(DblVector, double) bug. Fixed issue with incorrect program line numbers reported in errors. Fixed import panel bug. Re-sorted output from wlookup. Fix for a crash for SDMX-ML databases caused by very long series names. Fixed SDMX-ML database read bug. Fixed WorldBank Edx database UI bug. Fixed Python date handling bug. Improved error checking and behavior for VARs with negative and no lags. Fixed pandas bug when talking to Python 2. Fix initialization bug in switching equation dialog. Fixes to additional VAR spec handling routines. Fixed import/copy bug when destination is hourly for daily 5. Fixes for estimation of VAR object corner case with zero lags.

August, 2019


Fix for bug with Worldbank Edx failing to retreive all datasources. Fix for bug that prevented BVAR forecasts of only 1 period. Fixed issue with movereg not reading the entire input file. Added support to [email protected] to accept alphabetic columns. Added table members @rowheight and @colwidth. Added setzoom proc to spools. Added support for specifying graph colors without '@rgb' for backwards compatibilty. Allow singular determinants in U-MIDAS VAR estimation. Fix for bug that prevented exogenous variables entering a mixed frequency VAR by dialog. Fix for issue with FRED EDX where fetch was failing in some systems. For SDMX-ML databases changed the name of the series to include the series attributes. Fix for a bug with SDMX-ML databases where an error was reported when files contained quarterly data. Fixed issue with writing series to Aremos files.

July, 2019

Added retry workaround for FRED gateway timeout issues Fix for issue where VARs estimated in older versions of EViews may crash when opened in EViews 11. Updated table command capture for setwidth to return just column range as an option, setheight to return just row range as option. Added more command capture support for tables. Fix for issue where VARs estimated in older versions of EViews may crash when opened in EViews 11. Fix for bug where EViews would no longer recognize certain subexpressions. Improved implementation @elem2 function. Added @hilo and @lohi data members to series. Fix for missing browse button in SDMX-ML databases. Fix for group workfile load failure. Fix for network printers not appearing in the printer list. Fix for issue with SDMX databases not displaying the attribute value. Removed Factset and Datastream databases. Fix for a bug that caused VAR forecast of auto-series to evaluate wrong series values. Fixed a crash caused by excessive stack usage in some compiled expressions. Added missing short names of down freq conversion methods (reverse order). Fix for a bug where EViews was crashing when previewing database objects. Fix for a bug where complex workfiles using freq conversion based on a single indicator was taking too long to open. Fixed crash when previewing database objects. Fixed SDMX_ML database issue non-responsive 'browse path' button. Fix for ARDL displaying incorrect cointegrating equation. Fixed high frequency NA handling issue in Bayesian mixed frequency VARs. Fixed issue in group members view displaying an error when trying to add a series to the group. Fixed principal component score matrix not being created from matrix proc. Fix for bug with two different fetch loops in a program causing a crash. Fix for issue with tables not always printing in color. Fixed incorrect cmd capture for single range colormaps and graph.addtext with angles. Improved handling of NAs in mixed frequency VARs.

June, 2019

Fix for a crash when UseSmartRefresh was turned off and workfile was opened. Added option to table.setfillcolor to color every other line. Fixed issue with SVARs and BVARs to converge to incorrect solutions. Fixed issue with workfiles using extraneous memory. Fix for 'Push' button not appearing after linking an OLE object. Added support for alt+left, alt+right, back and next mouse buttons to graph carousel, wf windows, and spools. Fixed issue with series::stl proc to sometimes ignore its forclen option. Changed the tab order in the insert/delete row table dialog. Fixed issue with copy(c=first) match merge operation in undated workfiles. Added xbutton support to graphs. Added next and back button to multi graphs in carousel mode. Fixed occasional crash in the system estimation dialog. Added support for rotating graph text objects. Removed color control from spool font dialogs. Fixed issue with spools loading incorrect button bar when in edit mode. Fix for SDMX databases where the decimal separator for numeric values is always a period ('.'). Fixed crash when closing workfile with model in it. Added LU decomposition function @lu. Fix for a an issue with SDMX ECB database not displaying all available datasets. Fix for missing table color dialog title.

May, 2019

Fix for crash with objects using auto series in colormaps. Fix for new window locations when command window was docked to the side. Fixed geomap linking and dialog issues when specifiying invalid color series. Fix for bug where EViews was holding onto database file handles even after a call to CLOSE database. Fixed issue with incorrect time offset identification when analyzing date strings. Updated default NA fill colors in the tables. Fixed issue with missing labels in bar graphs. Fix for printer settings not being saved. Fixed program snapshot window crash. Fix for Excel 2010 add-in bug when used by Excel 64-bit. Added a 'noerr' option to model.scenario. Added @val(row,col) data member to tables. Relaxed restrictions on BVARs with autoseries. Fix possible tabplace() crash. Fixed issue with printer redirection. Fix for bug with FIML initialization. Fix for crash when assigning a variable to a non-existing table cell. Added ability to search by attribute in @wlookup. Added new functions @attrvals, @attrnames, @wfattrvals, and @wfattrnames. Fixed geomap crash when a series was selected but a map attribute was not. Fix for a crash related to MergeAttributes. Fix for a bug where exporting a database object to a workfile as a link did not present save dialog. Improvement to computation of new @RMSE equation data member. Fix display of new RMSE statistic. Fix for table cell assignment to maintain cell type. Fix to funcoef breaking reestimation of equations with kernel options. Fix for TeX table widths with adjacent empty cells. Fix for a bug with BVAR copy. Fix initialization of covariances for regularization estimation. Fix for a refresh crash when workfile is first loaded. Fix for ETS smoothing not outputting certain graphs. Fix for ETS smoothing output. Fix for objects not being searchable. Added support for search by attribute to @wlookup. Added new @mse function for mean-square-error. Disabled VAR forecast dialog. Updated python support libraries for issues with shortnames. Added support for Python 3.7. Added @dbname function. Fixed for graph dialog combo boxes on high res monitors. Cleaned up EdxSDMX library. Modified About dialog to keep refresh/expiration dates visible. Added bvar, switchvar and mfvar global commands. Removed erroneous mfvar global command. Added forecasting for non-Bayesian Mixed Frequency VARs. Fix for PDF output when saving seasonal graphs. Fix for 'graph.setelem defaults()' possibly changing axis assignments. Regularization allow number of variables to exceed number of observations. Fix crash in VECM AR roots display. Fix to bvar glp forecasts. Added 'autocrop' proc to geomaps. Disable forecasts and models for functional coefficient estimation. Fix for geomap output. Fix for crash when applying colormap to groups. Added improved functionality to rmvnorm(). Fix for incorrect fill colors in duplicates view. Added wildcard (*) support for Census Edx database. Fixed for possible memory leaks in system objects. Improved error reporting in programs. Added line number program errors. Fix DirectedGraph copy crash. Fixed copy issues with geomaps and DirectedGraphs. Added funtionality to mtos(). Fix to allow equations with only PDL terms. Added ability to copy geomaps. Added ability for @rmvnorm() and rmvnorm() to perform multiple draws. Changed available printer list. Added path to x-11 and x-12 error messages. Improved command explorer show/hide behavior. Improved @wread functionality. Fixed attribute row name bug when importing CSV/TEXT files.

April, 2019

Factset Mac Download Version

Modified rowplace() and colplace() syntax. Fix for object preview appearance on high-res monitors. Seasonal unit root fix for Canova-Hansen table output. Fix for incorrect proportions when saving geomaps to disk. Initialized geomap default color to white. Fix for graph sizer calculations. Fix copy from db bug with long file name and *. Fix 'help' command to auto determine global commands and operators. Fix for ‘import’ with an untitled workfile open bug. Added 'show command explorer' menu item. Fix for incorrect popup location on high-res monitors. Fix for wide line number window on high-res monitors. Fix for graph sample sizer dimensions on high resolution monitors. Tied command explorer font to global editor font. Fix for incorrect column widths in the database registry dialog on high-res monitors. Fix for possible default small message font size. Fix for incorrect line colors in graphs. Fix for crash when including seasonal ARMA terms in automatic ARMA forecasting. Better labeling for omitted variables test. Added fan charts to mean graphs. Turned off labelling of an NA filled series in quantile fan chart. Fixed labeling of null hypothesis for redundant variables tests. Updated shapefile proc names. Added the new EV11 functions to command explorer. Fix for 'type=' not working table setfillcolor and settextcolor when using colormaps. Added misc operators and functions to command explorer. Fix for inablilty to fetch series which do not specify a frequency in Bloomberg databases.