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You should now be able to access the Data Analysis command under the Data tab. For Mac Users: In the top menu bar, navigate to Tools Add-ins. You should have a pop-up window on your screen; make sure Analysis ToolPak is checked. If Analysis ToolPak does not appear as one of the Available add-ins, then click Browse to locate it. Click here on Real Statistics Resource Pack for Mac 2011 to download the latest version (Release 5.11) of the resource pack for Excel 2011 for the Mac; Downloading this resource pack means that you accept the License Agreement. Once you have downloaded the Resource Pack, you need to install it using the following steps.

Meet StatPlus:mac LE — a free edition of StatPlus:mac Professional developed by AnalystSoft. If you are using a Mac and Microsoft Excel 2004–2019 for Mac or Apple Numbers for daily analytical and statistical purposes, StatPlus:mac LE is exactly what you need to get started! Get a powerful statistical tool for free – now with a set of new essential features - without leaving Excel.

Try the free version now and find out why - statistically - most people stop looking for any other tools once they find StatPlus:mac!

By installing this software you accept all the terms and conditions of the end user license agreement provided here.

No matter if you are an experienced user migrating from a familiar toolset or a novice exploring the capabilities of the new software, StatPlus:mac LE gives you an easily configured workspace with a vast array of tools. This free application demonstrates qualities typically only available in costly specialized suites – consistency and accuracy of results, reliability, plenty of data analysis models and tools, various data types, graphs, charts and much, much more.


Analysis Toolpak for Mac

This handy add-on replaces Microsoft Analysis Toolpak in Excel 2008-2019 for Mac. It features a detailed migration guide for users switching from Analysis Toolpak to StatPlus:mac and has the Excel interface you already know! StatPlus:mac LE is fully compatible with Excel 2004—2019 and is the Microsoft recommended replacement of its own Analysis Toolpak module.


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Data Analysis Toolpak Mac Excel 2011 Download

StatPlus:mac Pro allows Microsoft Excel for Mac users to perform all forms of data analysis from the very basics to complex analysis, including as non-parametric and regression analysis, survival analysis, and a wide variety of other methods. Pro users are entitled to receive unlimited priority support during one year (and even on weekends).

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Register now with no obligation and learn more! As a registered customer you will be able to access to latest versions of StatPlus:mac LE and documentation, get basic support and even win free upgrade to Pro version.

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StatPlus:mac LE is free of charge with no hidden catch - there are no ads, time limits or variable/cases count limits. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Support Team.

Standard Solution

Universities, scientific centers, public agencies and research institutes worldwide have already chosen StatPlus:mac as a standard statistical tool and are now reaping the benefits of it versatility, reliability, speed and compatibility with the popular Microsoft Office environment.


StatPlus:mac requires macOS 10.9-10.15 (v6 requires 10.7+). macOS Catalina is supported. StatPlus:mac supports Microsoft Excel for Mac (supported versions: 2004, 2008, 2011, 2016, 2019; Office 365 for Mac v16) and Apple Numbers v3/4/5 as a data source. StatPlus:mac does not require Internet connection (except for optional auto-update feature).

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Upgrade now to Pro version and get over 70 features and multi-platform compatibility. StatPlus:mac is most affordable solution for data analysis on Mac with Excel. You will benefit from the reduced learning curve and attractive pricing while enjoying the benefits of precise routines and calculations. Mac/PC license is permanent, there is no renewal charges.

Free or Premium? Features Comparison — StatPlus:mac Pro vs. LE

  • Only in StatPlus:mac Pro.
  • Available in free LE version.
  • Pro Features
    • Standalone spreadsheet with Excel (XLS and XLSX), OpenOffice/LibreOffce Calc (ODS) and text documents support.
    • 'Add-in' mode for Excel 2004, 2008, 2011, 2016 and 2019.
    • 'Add-in' mode for Apple Numbers v3, v4 and v5.
    • Priority support.
    • Permanent license and free major upgrades during the maintenance period.
    • Access to Windows version.
    • Options to emulate Excel Analysis ToolPak results and migration guide for users switching from Analysis ToolPak.
  • Basic Statistics
    • Detailed descriptive statistics.
    • One-sample t-test.
    • Two-sample t-test.
    • Two-sample t-test for summarized data.
    • Fisher F-test.
    • One-sample and two-sample z-tests.
    • Correlation analysis and covariance.
    • Normality tests (Jarque-Bera, Shapiro-Wilk, Shapiro-Francia, Cramer-von Mises, Anderson-Darling, Kolmogorov-Smirnov, D'Agostino's tests).
    • Cross-tabulation and Chi-square.
    • Frequency tables analysis (for discrete and continuous variables).
    • Multiple definitions for computing quantile statistics.
  • Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
    • One-way and two-way ANOVA (with and without replications).
    • Three-way analysis of variance.
    • Post-hoc comparisons - Bonferroni, Tukey-Kramer, Tukey B, Tukey HSD, Neuman-Keuls, Dunnett.
    • General Linear Models (GLM) ANOVA.
    • Within subjects ANOVA and mixed models.
  • Multivariate Analysis
    • Principal component analysis (PCA).
    • Factor analysis (FA).
    • Discriminant function analysis.
  • Nonparametric Statistics
    • 2x2 tables analysis (Chi-square, Yates Chi-square, Exact Fisher Test, etc.).
    • Rank and percentile.
    • Chi-square test.
    • Rank correlations (Kendall Tau, Spearman R, Gamma, Fechner).
    • Comparing independent samples
      Mann-Whitney U Test, Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, Wald-Wolfowitz Runs Test, Rosenbaum Criterion. Kruskal-Wallis ANOVA and Median test.
    • Comparing dependent samples
      Wilcoxon Matched Pairs Test, Sign Test, Friedman ANOVA, Kendall's W (coefficient of concordance).
    • Cochran's Q Test.

Download Analysis Toolpak Mac Excel 2011 2017

  • Regression Analysis
    • Multivariate linear regression (residuals analysis, collinearity diagnostics, confidence and prediction bands).
    • Weighted least squares (WLS) regression.
    • Logistic regression.
    • Stepwise (forward and backward) regression.
    • Polynomial regression.
    • Curve fitting.
    • Tests for heteroscedasticity: Breusch–Pagan test (BPG), Harvey test, Glejser test, Engle's ARCH test (Lagrange multiplier) and White test.
  • Time Series Analysis
    • Data processing.
    • Fourier analysis.
    • Smoothing.
    • Moving average.
    • Analysis.
    • Autocorrelation (ACF and PACF).
    • Interrupted time series analysis.
    • Unit root tests - Dickey–Fuller, Augmented Dickey–Fuller (ADF test), Phillips–Perron (PP test), Kwiatkowski–Phillips–Schmidt–Shin (KPSS test).
  • Survival Analysis
    • Life tables.
    • Kaplan-Meier (log rank test, hazard ratios).
    • Cox proportional-hazards regression.
    • Probit-analysis (Finney and LPM).
      LD values (LD50/ED50 and others), cumulative coefficient calculation.
    • Receiver operating characteristic curves analysis (ROC analysis).
      AUC methods - DeLong's, Hanley and McNeil's. Report includes: AUC (with confidence intervals), curve coordinates, performance indicators - sensitivity and specificity (with confidence intervals), accuracy, positive and negative predictive values, Youden's J (Youden's index), Precision-Recall plot.
    • Comparing ROC curves.
  • Data Processing
    • Sampling (random, periodic, conditional).
    • Random numbers generation.
    • Standardization.
    • Stack/unstack operations.
    • Matrix operations.
  • Statistical Charts
    • Histogram
    • Scatterplot.
    • Box plot.
    • Stem-and-leaf plot.
    • Bland-Altman plot.
    • Bland-Altman plot with multiple measurements per subject.
    • Quantile-quantile Q-Q plots for different distributions.
    • Control charts - X-bar, R-chart, S-chart, IMR-chart, P-chart, C-chart, U-chart, CUSUM-chart.

Analysis Toolpak Mac Download


Find out how to use StatPlus:mac. Tutorials for current version v6 coming soon.

Excel Analysis Toolpak for Mac

If your a student such as myself and use a Mac, you have probably run into a few complications in certain course work. To save you sometime researching your different options, I have found a few different ways you can access the Excel Analysis Toolpak on your Mac. Since I am a student at East Carolina I will provide the options available to me. You may want to see what software resources your school provides for you.

FYI – some of these options will work for other Windows specific programs and applications.

1.) Statplus by Analystsoft. You can download a free version of the StatPlus addon by a Analystsoft. I performed a few Histograms with this software and I was highly disappointed with the functionality of this software. It is nearly impossible to follow an example from an instructor using Excel on Windows.

Download Analysis Toolpak Mac Excel 2011 Product

2.) Use the VCL (Univerisity specific). Some universities provide a virtual computer lab for students to access certain programs. This is my preferred method to use the analysis toolpak in Excel. For ECU students you can login at . If you have not used the VCL before you may need to download a plugin for your browser to use it. Once have installed the appropriate plugin, make sure you use “option 2″ to access Microsoft Office, then login with your student credentials. DO NOT SELECT “Office 2010/Excel 2010″. It will not allow you to install the addons. Instead select the “Risk Solver Platform”. Heres the catch… You can only open/save files to/from your piratedrive so accessing your files can be a pain in the @#%^ . The only way I know of uploading or downloading files to your piratedrive is through Onestop/Piratedrive . Other than that, It works great! *Hint: Use your Safari browser when accessing the VCL. I have not been able to get the VCL to work through Chrome on a Mac.

3.) Bootcamp + Windows + Office 2010 . Sound like a pain? It is but, if your a ECU student its free (other universities have simular programs). The plus side of this option is you can use other Windows specific applications with it. I have not tried this so I wont get into specific of how it work. First you will want to download Windows 8 (for free) from . Also, you will want to download Office 2010 for Windows as well. Install Windows in bootcamp, then install Office in your Windows. Its a lot more work than it sounds but I believe they actually have a Mac version of Windows 8 specifically designed for this application. You can do Google search for more info on bootcamp and installing Windows on a Mac.

4.) VirtualBox + Windows + Office 2010 . Almost as much work as the previous option but, I actually prefer this option. Heres why… You dont have to shutdown your Mac and restart it in Windows. The VirtualBox actually allows you to run an operating system in another operating system. Essentially it allows you to run Windows in a window (sorry I had to…) so Windows operates like any other program on your Mac. VirtualBox is free at . You will need a copy of Windows, which you can download free from your school and of course you will need to download Office 2010 (for free from your school) as well.

Download Analysis Toolpak Mac Excel 2011 Version

If all else fails, borrow one of those $#%$^ Windows computers from a friend in exchange for whatever artsy thing you do because everyone who owns a Mac must be a designer, artist, freelancer, etc, etc. Just dont convert to the dark side… (Windows user). Hope this helps in your quest to be a Apple person living in a Microsoft world. Good luck!

Download Analysis Toolpak Mac Excel 2011

BTW – I found the VCL and Virtualbox to be the best options for me.