Can You Download Netflix To Watch Offline On Mac

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  5. How To Watch Netflix Offline On Macbook
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While iOS, Windows 10 and android users are making use of the Netflix Offline feature, the Mac OS fraternity is left out. In fact there is no Mac app for Netflix and this is the root of the problem. Netflix has based this feature around the apps. If you have a Mac book, you can’t watch Netflix online but if you ghave a Windows 10 laptop, you can! Watch our video for step-by-step instructions on how to download episodes on Netflix so you can watch shows offline on your Chromebook.

Can you download Netflix shows on Mac? Is there a Netflix app for MacBook or iMac? The answer is NO. Netflix app is available on iPhone, iPad, Android mobile devices, Windows, except for the Mac. The only way to watch Netflix on Mac is to use a browser(Google Chrome, Safari, etc.) to log in on its website, where you can only stream Netflix videos but are unable to download Netflix movies and episodes on Mac.

Netflix hasn't developed the app for macOS, which makes it difficult for users to watch Netflix offline on Mac. Before Netflix provides its app on macOS, there're some approaches that allow you to watch Netflix offline on Mac though it may get a little tricky.

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Record Netflix Shows on Mac

Screen recording is one way to download Netflix shows on Mac, which requires a screen recorder program. FonePaw Screen Recorder for Mac can come handy at downloading Netflix episodes and movies on Mac. The FonePaw recorder can capture any videos and games on Mac as well as using the webcam to record your face and voice. This guide will show you the steps to record Netflix on Mac, and it's incredibly easy to use.

Step 1 Download and install FonePaw Screen Recorder program on Mac.

Step 2 Open website and log in your account on your browsers, and choose the show or movie you want to download to Mac. Please note that the error may occur when you try to record on Safari. So it is better to use browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox to record Netflix movie or episode on Mac.

Step 3 Launch the FonePaw program and you can see its main interface – a clean-looking controlling panel. To download the Netflix video with audio on Mac, turn on Display and System sound. The webcam and microphone can be toggled off since it is not needed.

Step 4 Set up the recording area. If you play the Netflix movie or show in full screen, simply select 'Full screen'. More recording area sizes are available under 'Custom'. Or you can also adjust the recording area on your own by stretching the dotted rectangle.

Step 5 After all settings are settled, simply click on the red REC button to start recording and play the Netflix video you want to record;

Step 6 When it's finished, click the Stop button to end recording and the Netflix movie or episode will be saved automatically as MP4, M4V, MOV, GIF or other format. You are able to set the saving path in Settings; To locate the downloaded Netflix videos, click Recording history.

There, the Netflix shows you want to watch offline on Mac have been successfully downloaded in your hard drive. FonePaw Screen Recorder can do more than recording the contents on the desktop. It can take screenshots when recording, recording videos through webcam and sound as well. In all, it's a wonderful tool for screen recording on Mac.

Note: Recording videos from Netflix violates Netflix's terms and conditions. You should keep the downloaded videos to yourself and should never share them.

Stream Downloaded Netflix Videos from iPhone/iPad to Mac

The other way to download Netflix movies and episodes on Mac is to use the built-in recorder QuickTime Player to mirror the streaming on iPhone/iPad to Mac desktop, though this method is less straightforward. To begin with, you need to prepare a lightning-to-usb cable, a Mac equipped with QuickTime Player and iOS device that is updated to iOS 11 or above. Then follow the next steps.

Step 1 Connect your iPhone/iPad to Mac through the Lightning-to-USB cable.

Can You Download Netflix To Watch Offline On Mac Download

Step 2 Open QuickTime Player on Mac through Launchpad or Applications folder, or any other ways.

Step 3 Click on the File on top of the screen and select New Movie Recording. Or you may use the shortcut by pressing Option+Command+N on key broad.

Step 4 In the control panel, click on the down-arrow icon next to the record button. Under Camera and Microphone sections, choose iPhone or iPad which you're playing the Netflix show on. You can also select the video quality here. Remind you that the higher the video quality, the bigger the file size.

How To Download Netflix Shows To Watch Offline On Mac

Step 5 Open Netflix app on the iOS devices and then play the downloaded video you want to watch offline on Mac.

Step 6 Hit the record button on QuickTime Player to start recording.

Step 7 Start playing the downloaded Netflix episodes on iPhone. You can then watch the downloaded video on Mac without network connection. DON'T unplug your iPhone/iPad during the recording.

Step 8 When you finish the movie or episode, just click the stop button to end recording. If you want to save Netflixlix video on Mac, open File and select Save. Then the Netflix video will be saved as .MOV format on your Mac. However, if you don't need to save the video, just skip this step.

Comparison of Two Ways to Download Netflix on Mac

By mirroring the downloaded Netflix shows from iPhone/iPad to Mac via QuickTime, you cannot watch the shows in full screen. Plus, you'll need an iPhone or iPad to do that. Using FonePaw Screen Reorder can avoid such redundant step and improve the efficiency to download Netflix shows. It can actually save your Netflix movies and episodes offline in MP4 files, so the first method is highly recommended for you.

Now you can enjoy the Netflix shows on Mac offline without any interruption! If you like this guide, please share with others or drop your comments down below to tell us what you think.

Netflix may be overlooking its expectations for subscriber numbers rising, but one thing is sure: countless people still love and utilize the system daily. The contest from Apple TV and Disney+ is a fantastic thing; it compels Netflix to include more high-quality content.Perhaps they do not need you to have a committed app, which means you will concentrate on Apple TV. Whatever the situation is, the dearth of Netflix app for Mac means we will have to locate a way to work around the problem. But remember that we will discuss an authorized Netflix download.Table of Contents

How To Watch Netflix Offline On Windows

How to download netflix shows on mac

is to use your browser. That is the method that the platform indicates. To install Netflix for Mac, you will get in the site, sign in your account, and flow away. But wait; everybody knows how to accomplish this. We guaranteed a Netflix download. This is really where AirPlay gets to the picture. When you get your Netflix app on iPad or iPhone, you will see you could download content. The Netflix download button isn’t always accessible, but it is there on most first shows. However, you won’t notice it once you get the stage through a notebook. That is why you will join your personal computer to your telephone or tablet computer through AirPlay. Open AirPlay on the apparatus and proceed to your Screen Mirroring attribute. Following that, you will understand your Mac from the list of accessible devices for mirroring. Pick it. You will see the telephone’s Screen on your Mac. Yes, you can. As a result of the Apple ecosystem, which seamlessly connects apparatus, you won’t feel like you lack the Netflix app for Mac.

How To Download Netflix Movies To Watch Offline On Macbook

Let us say you do not have a problem accessing Netflix via its site. The sole issue is you can not flow content offline. If you are arranging a weekend getaway at a remote place, that is a massive issue. How can you prepare a few episodes and a picture beforehand, which means you can watch it afterward? Should you hit Command+Shift+5 on your Mac, you will see that the screenshot and screen recording choices. Suppose you capture the screen while the movie streams; you will have the ability to save the document and watch it offline. This is a somewhat inconvenient choice that takes a great deal of time. It would be best to play with an entire movie to get a Netflix download onto your PC. However, it is pretty cool for men and women that wish to watch their favorite episodes several times. We must mention that this is considered solitude. Your default screen recording instrument may not get you through the full episode or film. Capto is a third party app with more extraordinary screen recording performance. Bear this in mind: because piracy is prohibited, be sure that you’re recording Netflix for Mac for individual use only. Never share this content with somebody else!

How To Watch Netflix Offline On Macbook

If you are aware that you won’t have an Internet link where you require the app on your personal computer for offline viewing, you can install Windows 10 on your PC. You did not see that coming, did you?This can be a workaround for extreme scenarios. As soon as you set up Windows on your Mac, you may download and set up the Netflix app.Today you might be wondering: “Can not I download Netflix content onto a Windows computer and watch it in my Mac?” Unfortunately, you will not have the ability to do this. Netflix provides you the download feature to get some content, but you will have the ability to watch your downloaded names only through the apparatus you used to get them. If you have them on an iPad or iPhone, you may use the Screen mirroring attribute to watch the content onto a Mac. But if you have them onto a Windows computer, you can not transfer them. That is why we propose installing Windows in case you truly will need to download and utilize the full-featured Netflix app for Mac.

Netflix For Mac Download